Debra Berman and Linda Petty are pleased to introduce Berman & Company, the largest comprehensive supplier of costumes and wardrobe in Canada.

Offering over 1,000,000 costumes for rental to the Film, Television, Advertising and Photographic Industry, Berman & Co. showcases the best pieces from the acquisition of both the illustrious CBC Costume Dept. and Toronto wardrobe staple RDS Inc., as well as the holdings of contemporary collectors and industry professionals.

The catalogue includes character, historical military, and period through to contemporary collections. It is easily able to cover almost every wardrobing need, from commercial advertising, television, and feature requirements to editorial projects and specialty events.

Berman & Co. also provides an array of costume support services. At present, tailoring and alterations are available on-site and on location. Equipment rentals, breakdown services, and wardrobe-fitting space are also offered. Comprehensive research facilities, wrapping services and print-shop services are planned for the future.

"Our long-term goal is to develop a production-friendly, full-service L.A. style costume house that will provide an array of services that do not currently exist within Canada," says co-owner Debra Berman, a veteran Costume Designer/Stylist.

Recognizing that the industry requires a high level of efficiency, accuracy, and is increasingly time sensitive, Berman & Co. utilize a sophisticated bar coding system. This system ensures that each garment and accessory selected is itemized with optimal efficiency, positioning the company not only to supply and meet the needs of productions within Canada but also to ship worldwide.

Berman & Co. are active and vital members of Toronto's Film, Television, Advertising, and Photographic Community and look forward to inviting you to their formal launch at their new space which will be operational mid-fall 2007.